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Get Your Brand Noticed for Less

Skylark Advertising is a revolutionary digital advertising concept. We provide our advertisers with highly creative Ad Designs that can be uploaded to any of our strategically selected panel locations. These locations provide access to a wide range of target markets. Our low prices are guaranteed to get your brand noticed for less.

About Skylark Advertising

Skylark Advertising is an innovator in developing high-impact messaging networks. Using state-of-the-art 42″ LCD panels and proprietary software we develop and maintain both closed and open networks as digital communications solutions.

Our open networks are installed at no cost to panel locations by allowing others to advertise within that same proprietary network. Our most common open network application is establishing local retail networks to link partner locations with advertisers. This flexible system benefits both panel locations and advertisers with exchanges of marketing messages within a predetermined geographic based network. Hybrid network applications give a large amount of airtime to the panel location, while still allowing a narrow scope of advertisers to participate. See below for more details about open networks.

Corporate Services

  • Safety Regulations / Updates
  • Service Announcements
  • Wayfinding / Directories
  • Employee Education / Training

School Booster Clubs

  • Announce upcoming Events
  • Earn More Ad Dollars by Placing Athletic Program Sponsors on Your Panel
  • We Pay Your School Ad Commissions

Medical Facilities

  • Advertise Facility & Services
  • Staff Info & Hours
  • Wayfinding / Directories
  • We Pay Your Ad Commissions

Location Partners

Skylark Advertising panel locations are strategically chosen businesses that provide access to specific and identifiable audiences. Our various panel locations create a diverse network. These locations house a state-of-the-art 42” HD digital panel in a high traffic area for maximum ad impressions.


It has never been more affordable to place targeted advertising impressions. With the Skylark Advertising network you can choose from a list of our panel locations and pick your target market. Our wide variety of panel location industries allow for us to generate those targeted impressions you have always dreamed of. Becoming a Location Partner is as easy as allowing us to place a free HD panel of your choice in size up to 42″, in your establishment. Along with this panel you will also receive 6 free ads in the 10 min loop that last 10 sec per ad. These ads can be used for menus, specials, news and much more. Explore the rest of the information and let us know if you would like to become a Location Partner.

Discounted Packages

Location Partners will automatically receive 6 free ads by signing up as a Location. Packaging is represented in the table below with more savings than a standard advertiser.

Each contract includes 6 custom Ad Designs per calendar year.

Packages are a convenient way to buy. Additional Ad Placements over 10 per month are available at $40 each.

Pricing starts at $150 per month for 3 ads placed.

Skylark Advertising is available in multiple cities. Ask your representative for more info.

Choose from individual panel locations for flexible ad placement.



5 Ad Placements

10,800 Monthly Impressions

5% Package Savings




7 Ad Placements

15,120 Monthly Impressions

10% Package Savings




10 Ad Placements

21,600 Monthly Impressions

15% Package Savings



See What Our Customers Have to Say

“Working with Priscilla and her team at Skylark Advertising is OUTSTANDING!  I have been there now for over two years and when each time I walk into the locations where my ads are running I can always count on them being in a high traffic area and the digital devices are always in good working order. While I have never had an issue with any of my advertising, I always know that Priscilla and her team are just a quick phone call or email away to help me.  Thank you Skylark Advertising  for helping me keep my name and business in the public eye. You all are GREAT!!”
J. Kyle Hickam, Agent
State Farm Insurance

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